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Kadi is a city and a municipality in Mehsana district in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. It is known as 'Cotton City' of India with over 100 cotton mills. Its territory includes 120 villages and has a population of over quarter of a million with 52 percent women.

Literacy rate in Kadi is about 74 percent, higher than the national average. Some 15 years ago, no one would have thought that one of the villages of Kadi would become internationally known for higher education. No one would have imagined that a higher secondary school with international standards would attract the children of petty business men, professionals, farmers and labors. Today, Nandasen proudly welcomes students from some 75 villages of Kadi as well as other districts of Gujarat enrolled in Dr. Nakadar Institute of Knowledge.


The Institute is not just a school but a movement. Its success is likely to impact the future of education in the country as many people from different parts of the country have visited Nandasen to experience the upscale center of excellence with the intention of repeating the success story in their own town.



The Dr. Nakadar Institute of knowledge is one of the best recognized schools / educational institutions in india. It has state of the art E library that many surrounding students take advantage of.

The school has classes from Nursery to XII in English medium and also XI to XII in Gujarati medium. It is the schools where students have consistently maintained a record of 100% results.

Diploma Courses:

DrNIK has been granted govt. of India centre for NCPUL (National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language) courses and distance learning center for higher studies by AMU. Classes for this diploma course has already been started in this academic session 2016-17.

The school has plans to upgrade itself to a science degree college as well as a Teacher Training Institute with courses for B.Ed. and B.Sc.

Moreover, from this year (September 2016) the school will start English and Computer Learning Center for Hafiz E Quran and Alims. These courses will be free of charge.


Dr. Nakadar Institure of Knowledge campus is nestled in a beautiful private setting with 25 acres of land. Hardly a kilometer away from main highway and 30 minutes from major cities like Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

  • It has 40,000 square feet school building,(20,000 sq.ft under construction)
  • 16,000 sq.ft. dinning and a multipurpose hall for dramas, debating and other competitive school activities.
  • The hostel building is 16,500 sq.ft. has four wings, with 4 wide spacious rooms in each wing.
  • Present hostel student capacity is 100 students. We plan to increase it to two hundred in near future
  • Newly built spacious 1 & 2 bedrooms staff quarters, with separate kitchen and living room are available for the teaching staff.


  • By using effective technologies and new methods of learning we want to serve our future generation in order to bring level of expectations higher than imagined in the past.
  • We want to equip them with necessary education to acquire greater knowledge to meet the needs and opportunities of the new Century.
  • We want our institution to be a bridge, and a spirit of future, so that our students may build and become part of the new world with pragmatic spirits.
  • We want to inculcate in them a vision that will motivate them to perform great deeds beneficial to humanity.
  • We want to lay down a strong moral foundation for their future growth and learning so that they remain steadfast.
  • We want to provide students the best available opportunities by multidisciplinary degree courses and higher education.
  • We want this institution to be a university in the future.

Founder & Trustee

Dr. Nakadar - Founder DR. NIK

Dr. Abdul Rehman Nakadar

This institute is founded by Dr. Abdul Rehman Nakadar, a leading cardiologist in USA, belongs to Kadi, a Taluka in Mehsana district of Gujarat.

After having his early education in city schools, he went for higher education in different parts of India, England and the US. He established his own cardiovascular practice in the industrial state of Michigan in the Mid-West.

Ever since he moved to the US, Dr. A. R. Nakadar and his family dreamt of creating an educational institution to uplift the standards of education and to motivate families to send their children for higher studies.

As a social activist with deep concern for deprived section of society and lack of basic educational facilities catering to all round personality development of children, Dr. A.R. Nakadar with his wife Mrs. Najma R. Nakadar, laid the foundation of an English medium School “Dr. Nakadar Institute of Knowledge” on 30th May, 2004.



Dr. Siddik A. Kadiyawala

Dr. Siddik A. Kadiyawala-management

Mr. Mohd. Saleh A. Nakadar

Mr. Mohd. Saleh A. Nakadar-management
Vice President / Trustee

Mr. Amanullah M. Shethwala

Mr. Amanullah M. Shethwala-management

Mr. Abdulvahid G. Nakadar

Mr. Abdulvahid G. Nakadar-management

Mr.GulamMohammed Bakarawala

Mr.GulamMohammed Bakarawala-management


It is a foregone conclusion that weak and downtrodden communities can only be empowered through education and therefore, all individuals, NGOs, social activist, philanthropists who want to be part of this silent revolution should ponder over as how to strengthen this educational movement.

Fund is spent in multiple ways to support the goals by sponsoring needy and deserving students, by buying equipment necessary for education, and by buying books and other educational material for the perpetual growth of the Institute.

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