Dr. NIK is a warm and tightly knit learning community that supports each student's personal growth.Staff members are known for their dedication to students and families and for always going the extra mile to support them. Dr. NIK is always on a look out for the best staff and from diverse fields. This strengthens Dr. NIK community and exposes students to a wide variety of career options and learning experiences.

Salman Sultan

Salman Sultan-teacher
Executive Campus Director

Bhatt Niyati

Bhatt Niyati-teacher

Bohra Amatullah Sabbirbhai

Bohra Amatullah Sabbirbhai-teacher

Bohra Arefa SabbirHusain

Bohra Arefa SabbirHusain-teacher

Danish AhmedZia

Danish AhmedZia-teacher

Diwan Imran

Diwan Imran-teacher

Ghanchi Shahista

Ghanchi Shahista-teacher

Joshi Chandrika

Joshi Chandrika-teacher

Kazi kanizFatema

Kazi kanizFatema-teacher

Khan Abdulazim

Khan Abdulazim-teacher

Kureshi Anisha

Kureshi Anisha-teacher

Kureshi Firdosh

Kureshi Firdosh-teacher

Kureshi Madina A.

Kureshi Madina A.-teacher

Mansuri Khursida

Mansuri Khursida-teacher

Mansuri Manjoor

Mansuri Manjoor-teacher

Parmar Jitendra

Parmar Jitendra-teacher

Pathan BismillahKhan D.

Pathan BismillahKhan D.-teacher

Pathan Mahira

Pathan Mahira-teacher

PoonamRani R.

PoonamRani R.-teacher

Prajapati Bhavesh

Prajapati Bhavesh-teacher

Qasmi Shafiuzzaman

Qasmi Shafiuzzaman-teacher

Rathod Hanif

Rathod Hanif-teacher

Saied Ahmed

Saied Ahmed-teacher

Shah Hetal H.

Shah Hetal H.-teacher

Shaikh Gazala Yusuf

Shaikh Gazala Yusuf-teacher

Shaikh Naziya Yusuf

Shaikh Naziya Yusuf-teacher

Shipai MohammedIlyas

Shipai MohammedIlyas-teacher

Shukla Manju

Shukla Manju-teacher


Mr. Mirza Abdullah Baig

Mr. Mirza Abdullah Baig-admin

Mr. Kapadwala GulamHussain

Mr. Kapadwala GulamHussain-admin,frontoffice
Front Office Coordinator

Mr. Qureshi Ilyasbhai

Mr. Qureshi Ilyasbhai-admin,frontoffice
Front Office Coordinator

Mr. Kadiyawala Shahejad

Mr. Kadiyawala Shahejad-admin,frontoffice
Front Office Coordinator