Dr. Nakadar Institute of Knowledge


We, at Dr. NIK, take immense pride in strong parent involvement. As the child's primary educators, we understand how integral the family is to your child's educational process. 

Keeping this in mind we organize Mother's day every first Saturday of the month. This session provides opportunity to family members to discuss their child's achievements and problems. However if you are residing abroad or in other state or far from school and are unable to attend such sessions we will always be glad to discuss with you over the phone or via E mail. 

By such caring, sharing and pulling our talent together we all play a very constructive role in child's educational process, for his character building, for his personality building, and his over all 

We encourage you to visit us at our web site for news and events or talk to our principal in person on how you can play a more pro-active role in your child's education and development.