AlGebra Course Description

AlGebra :

A Course which offers ample time of 2 years to become an expert in the curriculum of JEE (Main). The course progresses with basic fundamental study; covering upon the syllabus of boards along with the preparation for JEE (Main). The course helps in development of concepts, rigorous practice for board examinations as well as competitive examinations, enhancement of analytical thinking and increasing the confidence level of IIT aspirants.

  • Daily Practice Problems (DPPs): A handout having problems for home assignment, practice and classroom discussion covering current and previous topics. A DPP for JEE (Main) contains upto 20 problems.
  • Board Worksheets: Questions on board pattern with blank spaces (to write their answers) are provided to students in the form of worksheets. Students after completing the worksheet; have to submit it for evaluation. It ensures written practice of students for board examinations.
  • Study Materials (Sheets/Modules):Topic wise study material having key concepts, problems for practice in various Exercise Levels and questions asked in previous years (Board/JEE (Main).
  • Periodic Tests :Periodic Tests are conducted having part syllabus (Part Tests - PTs) with manyproblems of seen nature and Tests comprising of the syllabus taught till date (Cumulative Tests - CTs) with unseen problems. Both PTs and CTs are conducted on the pattern of JEE (Main) in offline mode. Board Practice Tests (BPTs) are also conducted.